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Davey squires Releases Live Ep, 'The Davey Squires Live Sessions'

Davey Squires
Photo: Adam Atkinson

Ohio-based singer-songwriter Davey Squires has released his latest EP, The Davey Squires Live Sessions.

While the ongoing pandemic left the majority of musicians without live performances, Squires decided to take the extra time to work in the live studio space. Recorded at Akron Recording Company, The Davey Squires Live Sessions features five tracks live recorded of previously released original songs and marks his fourth official EP release following his latest 2019 album, Fiction.

“After so much time away from doing any sort of live collaboration, it was such an invigorating time recording with these guys. Each of them brought their own musical ideas and experiences into the studio during those sessions and after two or three takes through each song we got it down and did our thing,” Squires said. “These live sessions have been a great project to work on during this time and I really hope to do more in the future with other released songs of mine. Doing these tracks has given me the chance to look back on my own work and re-orchestrate some of my favorite songs in a live band setting which, for me has been both entertaining and exciting.”

While the songs on the EP are all previously released, the live album incorporates a new sound from the original tracks with added live collaborations from some of Northeast Ohio’s best up-and-coming musicians, including John Kline on drums; Alex Tortorella on lead guitar; Ian McCartt on bass; Tim Shilling on saxophone; Cletus Stimpy on percussion; and Justin Curry on violin.

You can stream and listen to The Davey Squires Live Sessions here. For more information, visit his website.

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