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A Travel Writer Breaks Down Why
She Loves Solo Female Travel is the definitive voice of electronic dance music. Our mission is to inspire and inform members of our community and the general public by providing balanced coverage of the worldwide EDM movement.


Our mission is to report on, influence, and shape youth culture through a combination of expert recommendation and unique access to creators. Discover essential food and travel news, tips, and discussion for today's adventurer on UPROXX.


MP3 MAG is a home for Music, People & Experiences making an impact in the North American festival community & beyond. 
Each month, we publish digital magazine issues featuring artists interviews + festival coverage. 

M&M Entertainment

M&M Entertainment is a full

service marketing, social media management, and content creation company. We publish editorial content on rising independent artists and bands from some of the country's more niche local music scenes.

volume utah

Volume is Utah's premier music marketing, promotions, and editorial company, providing SLC-based local music news, engaging reviews, interviews, features, and more. We're turning up the volume on the music that matters most. 

live for

live music

Live For Live Music (L4LM) is a premier music media, marketing, and production company, providing current news, engaging reviews, show calendars, event photos, interviews, and feature articles.


Mashed is the ultimate destination for all things food. Whether you're looking for the latest foodie news, the dirt on your favorite celebrity chefs, or inspiration for tonight's dinner, we've got you covered. 


Wide Open Roads is your destination for everything travel. We publish carefully thought-out travel guides for some of the most epic destination road trips in the United States as well as travel tips, hacks, and more. Explore your wanderlust with us!

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