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Chad Galactic’s Love for Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Sparks Fundraising Efforts for Namgyal Monastery

As his quarantine beard grew, Chad Galactic’s anxieties and frustrations with stagnation also grew and the poet and rapper racked his brain to come up with ideas to raise funds for out-of-work artists. Feeling inspired, he started by designing stickers with fellow artist “PickleKing” that created a stream of income for those in need.

As his fundraising efforts grew, Galactic felt motivated to assemble an all-star band that went on to record a cover of the Beastie Boys’ “Shake Your Rump.” Comprised of guitarist Greg Loiacono and bassist Brian Rashap (The Mother Hips), drummer Scotty Rager (Tea Leaf Green), keyboardist Zach Gill (Jack Johnson/ALO), and the Beastie Boys’ own DJ and producer DJ Hurricane, the all-star supergroup highlighted the iconic hip-hop group’s famous anthem and accomplishments as a group. In true Galactic style, Chad also took on all three of the Boys’ vocal parts.

“Recording this song hit me deeply. I was reminded how much the Beastie Boys influenced me as a 13-year-old in 1987. My Love for Yauch (MCA) kicked in again and my heart wept for our collective loss,” shared Galactic. “It was so moving to sing the vocal parts in front of DJ Hurricane and my band. I hope this is received by everyone who had anything to do with the original recording, by the Beastie Boys, their friends and the die-hard fans.”

To accompany the track, Galactic also created a “YAUCH LOVE” merch store where half of the proceeds are being donated to the Namgyal Monastery Institute of Buddhist Studies, a cause that MCA regularly advocated for and supported.

Listen and download Chad Galactic’s “Shake Your Rump” on Spotify and Apple Music.

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