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Boundless SpiriT Drops New Single "Riptide" Produced By Cisco Adler

Riptide, Riptide boundless spirit

Pittsburgh, PA natives and twin brothers Carter (Boundless) and Taylor Liston (SpiriT) released a new single “Riptide”, produced by Grammy-nominated producer, Cisco Adler.

Son of music producer and film director Lou Adler, Cisco Adler has collaborated in his reggae, hip-hop duo with artist Shwayze, hitting the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his "Buzzin'" and “Corona and Lime” in 2008. With over a decade of music under his belt, Adler has since started his own record company, Bananabeat. He regularly communicates with fans and helps give aspiring up-and-coming musicians a voice in the music community.

The Liston brothers, now under the moniker Boundless SpiriT, started talking with Adler in March 2018 on social media after Adler tweeted that he was giving away old instrumental samples. The guys started talking about their Kent music project deemed Wavey Pack, which Cisco appreciated and being a big music advocate, Adler sent the guys two free instrumentals to work on.

“I was immediately inspired when I first listened to the instrumental of what is now ‘Riptide’. The hook came up almost right away and just flowed out," SpiriT said. "This whole process is like a master-student relationship, bridging the generation gap of established and aspiring artists. Your vibe really does attract your tribe and I know this is just the very start of our journey."

Boundless recounts, “I remember first listening to the beat and immediately feeling beachy vibes. I just started rollin’ with it and began writing the verses, progressing deeper into emotions of love and relationships. We worked on the song between our home studio outside of Pittsburgh and our friend Trey's studio in Kent. I feel that a lot of young people try to make music that they think will be popular, so they end up copying other people's styles. It's not authentic, the song may be popular for a few weeks, but in the grand scheme of things it won't be remembered. Music that is original is what will be carried on through generations. This whole process just really showed me the power of social media and how much you can connect with musicians and artists. I was shocked and amazed that Cisco was so down-to-Earth, genuine and supportive. A lot of people aren't like that in the music industry. Just speak your own truth and make what you want because it's that kind of music and dedication that lasts."

You can listen to the newly released "Riptide" on all music streaming platforms here.


1) Taylor (SpiriT) & Carter (Boundless)

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