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Hometown Throwdown Brings Local Music to Downtown Kent

It's been almost three weeks since the first-ever Hometown Throwdown! Friday, October 5 was a successful day full of talented local music in the town of Kent.

As a light rain sprinkled the chilly downtown stage, Akron garage-rock band Swell Tides took the stage at exactly 4:20 p.m. to start off the vibes for the day. Akron psychedelic funk band Land of Panda kept up the good energy with their 40-minute set as the rain started to settle down. Kent indie-rock natives Passenger Trip brought the Kent hometown vibes to the stage, playing a mix of originals and throwing in fun covers for the growing crowd to dance to.

"We've always wanted to play at Hometown Bank Plaza," keyboardist Colin McDevitt said. "Thanks for making this a reality for us!"

Kent post-punkers Bewarewolves took the stage next, with the rain at a full stop and Kent students and locals crowding around the stage to rock out. Cleveland original electronic music project Bypass Circuit finished off the show with his spacey tunes, adding the perfect mix of electric instrumentation to the town of Kent.

A big thank you to all the very talented bands and musicians that made M&M Entertainment's fifth event a success. Shoutout to JSGLive for the partnered production, the excellent sound quality and dope lights to set the scene!

*Photos by Emily Baldwin and Josh Mest

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