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Red Rose Panic Releases 'Time Attack'

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Akron hip-hop group Red Rose Panic dropped their latest album Time Attack at Annabells Bar & Lounge on Thursday, May 3.

Founded in 2013 and comprised of Luminari Eleven, Styxx, Gold Frame Quis, Smokeface, Reo Dinero, and Rich Ass Mike, this dynamic band is making waves in the Ohio music scene. Combining genres of hip hop, rock, jazz and funk, their personalities come alive on-stage through their combined talents of unique performance improvisation.

Opening up the night was alternative rock band Mister Moon, followed by Ohio-based funky drummer and performer HR3: Beats, Drums & Music. Blues trio The Katy, R&B singer Luvabstract, and hip-hop trio SANKURO continued the energy in the underground bar before Red Rose Panic hit the stage.

Jumping on stage a little after midnight, the guys sparked up their album release party with “Ashley & Alexis” from their first album, One Night Stand. Getting the crowd all amped up with Luminari’s steady voice, they started into the fan-favorite “Wonder Year” complete with the electric-pop undertones. Keeping the vibe going, the band continued to play new releases from Time Attack, including “Heart Left” showing off Quis’ synths, “Been There,” and “Change Your Mind.” Red Rose Panic ended their set with their “Caught Up,” highlighting the progressed evolution of the band since their first album, throwing out a sweet and spicy rhythm to end the night.

I got the chance to chat with Luminari, Smokeface, and Rich Ass Mike about their new album and what they have planned for the rest of the year.

Tell me a little about the recording process for your new album, Time Attack.

Luminari: Well this time around it was more of a collective effort, our first project was in 2014 and we had some folks come in and record certain instruments for different parts of songs. But after 4 years have passed since then, we gained more members than just our duo we had back then so everyone had more of an input this time around.

Rich Ass Mike: It’s all home-grown, our keyboardist has his own studio that he worked hard to open up this year. Our project was one of the first projects completed in his studio so we’re just honored to have an in-house music project manufactured at his studio. It’s a safe haven for us to make our magic.

Smokeface: And I will say, the dope thing about this band is that everybody in this band is a producer. So you’ll always get new music from us. We all have a creative streak and it’s not going to run out anytime soon.

Red Rose Panic on stage

Since it’s been several years since the release of your first album, what was some of the band’s main inspiration behind Time Attack?

Rich Ass Mike: We haven’t changed any of our influence since the first album, but we did change the way we approach listening to our influences. Everybody in the band brings their own influence and kick to our overall sound, which is great. We like to bring in a mix of metal, hip hop, gospel, to overall have a wide range of sound in our music. We bring all kinds of music together to fit well.

If you could pick one song off the new album that really highlights the band as a whole what would it be?

Smokeface: “Wonder Year.” All day. That’s definitely my track.

Rich Ass Mike: I can’t fully decide right now because I’m still living the dream of the fact that we have a body of music that people listen to.

Luminari: Well “Change Your Mind” is definitely getting the most feedback so far with the visuals and everything. “Wonder Year” is also a fan favorite that we really enjoying playing together as a band.

With the release of this new album, what do you guys have planned coming up that you’re looking forward to?

Rich Ass Mike: A lot of festivals and touring. We just want to promote our music and drive this album out to people to listen to and enjoy.

Luminari: I like the spontaneity of the journey itself. I know with this album being released that it’s going to be like Christmas haha. It’s going to open up a new spider web to so many new opportunities. We’re really excited for the future and people taking this album and digesting it. We’re open to where the flow and journey are taking us.

You can listen to Time Attack on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Photos courtesy of Lawrence Glenn and Josh Land.

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