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Summer Send Off Coming to Kent

You’ll want to be around on Saturday, September 23 as the city of Kent will feature a day of highlighting local music at the Hometown Bank Plaza.

Maderra Records is hosting its second annual Summer Send Off, a day of local bands and artists performing great sets of music to the community of Kent. The idea originated last year from Jordan Kolaric and John Soros, the co-owners of Maderra Records.

This year, music will start at 2 p.m. and will continue into the evening. The event will move to Euro Gyro at 9 p.m. where various DJs and electronic music enthusiasts will rave until early morning.

“We just wanted to give some great local bands a chance to jam out to the Kent community. I’m excited about the different acts performing throughout the day- ranging from indie, alternative, folk, psychedelic and electronic- there’s something everybody can enjoy,” Kolaric said.

After nine months of planning, Maderra Records is ready to see how the free event will turn out for the second year. Last year saw a peak of about 600 people total gathered downtown for the event. With Oktoberfest being the same day, Kent will be surging with hundreds of people drinking seasonal beverages and listening to some great local talent. Definitely an event you don’t want to miss!

More information and a list of artists performing at the 2017 Summer Send Off can be found here.

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