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Album Review: Kitchen Dwellers 'Ghost in a Bottle'

Title: Ghost in the Bottle

Artist: Kitchen Dwellers

Record Label: Independent

Release Date: April 21, 2017

Rating: 4 out of 5

Friday, Kitchen Dwellers released their second studio album, Ghost in the Bottle.

This is the band’s first studio release since their self-titled album produced four years ago. The bluegrass fellas celebrated their 11-track album debut at Colorado’s Fox and Bluebird Theatres, and are currently on a four-month tour to celebrate their new album which will put a smile on your face and surely won’t disappoint.

Kitchen Dwellers

From Bozeman, Montana, the band has been making a name for themselves in the jamgrass community. Joe Funk, Shawn Swain, Torrin Daniels and Max Davies have been continuing to resonate a sound that their fans have dubbed “Galaxy Grass.” While pushing the limits of their music, the album includes the mixed sounds of Anders Beck of Greensky Bluegrass, Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth, Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle and Bill Payne of Little Feat.

You can hear the band’s multiple genre-influenced sound in the song “Visions of Mohr.” The song includes the additional vocals of Twiddle’s Mihali Savoulidis. As one of the best tracks on the album, you can hear the band’s incorporation of psychedelic rock and celtic influences. Definitely a great car jam!

“Ebeneezer’s Winter” is a heavy-pickin’ tune that will make you want to dance. The song really displays the band’s original, fiddle-infused quick playing that got them the name as one of the top three bluegrass bands in the country.

As the longest song on the album, “Ghost In The Bottle” highlights the overall theme of the band. The nine-minute tune displays the guys’ variety of playing, from swift guitar strummin’ to soft and mild tempos. You can hear an accompanying mild, funk-rock harmony during the band’s jam solos, as they bring the tempo down and back up again to end the song with their high-energy charm.

The album is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Catch the band this summer on their tour and at the Spring Pickin’ Bluegrass Festival, Susquehanna Breakdown and Summercamp Music Festival. Full tour dates and ticket info can be found here.

Album cover

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