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4/20 Celebration at Iggy's Tavern

Iggy’s Tavern was a 4/20 celebration hotspot and I got the pleasure of celebrating the holiday listening to some Grateful Dead and Phish tribute bands.

Located in Lakewood, Ohio, this bar was an hour trek from Kent but was worth the drive for the musical atmosphere that enveloped us as we walked in.

Dead Ahead Ohio was in the middle of their set when we arrived just before 10 p.m. This Grateful Dead tribute band from Lakewood is comprised of Daniel Paul Von Setler on rhythm guitar and vocals, Steve Horvath on lead guitar and vocals, Joe Hartsel on keys, Bill Stadler on drums and vocals and Willie Tharp on bass.

We were greeted with the 1971 upbeat song, “Not Fade Away.” The open bar’s floor was filled with old and young couples dancing together, bringing a bright and energetic aura to Iggy’s while it was pouring rain outside.

To complement the rain and the holiday, the band showed their jazzy side with, “Rainy Day Women,” while everyone in the venue sang along to the lyrics, “Everyone must get stoned.”

The set ended with an extended jam session to, “Shakedown Street.” As one of my personal favorite Grateful Dead songs, it was great dancing with all my friends and the rest of the bar to this jam.

Jason Donovan

The Powerful Pills came on stage around 11 p.m. This Phish tribute band is made up of Bill Sadler on drums and vocals, Steve Horvath on bass and vocals, Jason Donovan on guitar and vocals and DAO’s Joe Hartsel on keyboard. As Cleveland’s only Phish tribute band, more people came through the bar to hear the psychedelic music that could be heard emanating even blocks away from the venue.

One of my favorites of the night was the band’s cover of “Sparkle” from the 1993 album Rift. You couldn’t help but dance to the goofy, feel-good song. The guys did a perfect rendering of the super crazy fast ending of “laughing, laughing, fall apart.”

Even with the wide mix of people, you could tell that most of the concert-goers were happily celebrating the holiday with some classic jams. It was hilarious seeing Donovan showing his spirit and appreciation for the holiday by holding a small nug between his lips when playing onstage.

The bar rocked out to the band’s holiday spirit of playing, “Blaze On” off Phish’s most recent album Big Boat. The guys were able to show off their multiple-genre talents with their reggae cover of “Legalize it” by Peter Tosh.

The Powerful Pills closed their 4/20 set with an extended jam of “Weekapaug” ending the night on a high note, leaving everyone blissed out and ears ringing.

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