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Review: Dopapod & Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Show Flyer

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Dopapod made a stop in Buffalo, New York on Nov. 3 on their national tour at Buffalo Iron Works.

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Pigeon Playing Ping Pong band members Greg Ormont, Jeremy Schon, Ben Carrey and Alex Petropulos played some psychedelic funky rock to their Flock fans before Dopapod took the stage.

Pigeons lit up the bar venue with mesmerizing lights and energetic beats, starting the night off with “Stay” and promoting their newest album Pleasure with “Whoopie.” The band played the crowd a new single titled, “Fortress”, followed by one of their craziest songs, “Time to Ride” from their 2014 album Psychology. Main vocalist Greg sang the lyrics, “I can see a little twinkle in your eye” in a different language in the middle of the song surprising everyone in the crowd.

I’ve seen Pigeons Playing Ping Pong at Summerdance and Resonance and this was one of my favorite shows they’ve done. “Couldn’t We All” tied with “Walkabout” was their best mashup of the night, which included all of their intricate guitar sets. The band finished with two crowd favorites, “Horizon” and “Schwanthem.”

New-era, electronic rock band, Dopapod took the stage at 11 p.m. I wasn’t a huge original fan of Dopapod, but they surprised me with their live performance. Boston natives Eli Winderman, Rob Compa, Chuck Jones, Neal “Fro” Evans and Luke Stratton started their set off with “Nerds” from their 2014 album Never Odd or Even. Greg from Pigeons portrayed the annoying girl in the beginning of the song talking about tequila, complete with his hair in a side ponytail.

Dopapod played crowd-pleasers “Present Ghosts” and “Turnin’ Knobs,” keeping the crowd dancing to their electronic music. The heavy keyboarding and groovy guitars in “Trapper Keeper” was one of their last songs before they left the stage. After being cheered on for an encore, Dopapod delivered to the crowd with “Faba,” adding some extra minutes of playing before exiting the stage and ending an altogether groovy night.

You can watch the show in the video below! Enjoy!

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