• Mikala Lugen

Masked Hip-Hop Vigilante Q Announces Debut Album, 'GENESIS,' Releases new Single, "Apocalypse Now"

Quinton Ailes, the masked man behind the new hip-hop moniker “Q” has announced the release of his debut album, GENESIS, due out on October 22nd.

The Ohio-bred, up-and-coming hip-hop star is set out to tell the story of the harsh realities of the world. GENESIS, an 10-track concept album, is slated to be the producer’s first full-length debut LP, setting the stage of what a day in the life looks and feels like for the angsty producer.

“I’ve always been into religious themes, even though I’m not too much of a religious person,” Q says. “GENESIS represents a rebirth and new beginning for me and a lot of people in the world right now. We’re undergoing a new start of something bigger within all of us, and through our everyday culture, music, and society as a whole.”

Written over the course of a couple years while adding finishing touches during the pandemic, GENESIS is written like a poem, where listeners can be taken on a lyrical journey meant to be listened front to back. Throughout the 10 tracks, Q invokes relatable and heartfelt feelings through his emotive rapping, sourcing through themes of love, helplessness, city living, violence, friendship, and the never-ending feeling of “why” we’re here.

Ahead of the album’s full release, Q has released the new single “Apocalypse Now.” The lyrical-rap centric track represents a flavorful taste of the forthcoming 10-track collection, touching on the producer’s talent of interweaving catchy and relatable lyrics in a world full of highs and lows. Listen to “Apocalypse Now” below and on all streaming platforms here.

“‘Apocalypse Now’ feels almost like a cry for help to me, not even for myself, but for our society as a whole. I want it to make people stop and reflect, then go back and reflect again. I wanted people to feel like they were transported into my world, into my city of Canton. I wanted people to feel the cold air and the Ohio skies. More importantly though I wanted to address the elephant in the room, that the planet is in the midst of a crisis. Rising forest fires, floods, plagues, war, and famine. It’s easy to just release a club banger as the first single off your album, but rapping about the darkness in your world, death, and existential dread? That’s what will always make me, me.” –Q

The official music video for “Apocalypse Now” is out now. Filmed in Cleveland, OH, the music video illustrates the track’s emotive theme illustrating the producer in darker-themed environments. The result sends chills down your spine as Q raps through the three-minute track. Watch the official music video below.