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Papadosio & EarthCry’s Anthony Thogmartin Announces Second Annual Seed to Stage Academy

Seed to Stage lineup

Papadosio and EarthCry multi-instrumentalist Anthony Thogmartin announced the second annual Seed to Stage Academy Ableton Live school from April 2nd to April 5th in Asheville, North Carolina.

One of the first events of its kind, attendees can expect a four-day immersive Ableton “wizard school” where beginner or advanced musicians can gain hands-on training with Thogmartin and Papadosio’s Sam Brouse.

“I’ve been wanting to open up the different styles of music, and Sam is one of the best compositional artists I know. Sam is going to be teaching songwriting and composition. Him and I both are going to be writing classes for it, and this year song craft and live performance is going to be one of our main focuses,” Thogmartin said.

Seed to Stage photo

Teaching Ableton Live software lessons for around a decade, Thogmartin has completely tapped into the software over the years, constantly solving problems with syncing different components with his band members. He recently started up a “Seed to Stage” YouTube channel where he frequently posts educational videos about Ableton Live for at-home musicians.

“Not everyone can watch a video and learn that way. The Academy is very hands-on, and there’s two different classes you can take at once. We have advanced classes and basic ones happening simultaneously. The first three days, we have beginner and advanced two-hour classes in the morning. In the evening, we have a three-hour period called ‘Group Shred Time,’ where we have tables set up and people bring their gear and can get one-on-one time with us for specific projects they are working on,” Thogmartin said.

Seed to Stage students

This immersive event allows students to tailor their learning experience to gain unique hands-on training with Ableton Live software, receive insider industry knowledge, and master the mindset of a successful career in music in the heart of West Asheville. Students will be able to significantly expand their knowledge on the software and kickstart their career at Ambrose West, equipped with a state-of-the-art PA system, sound absorption panels, and multiple breakout rooms. On the fourth day, students can choose to play a 15-minute set to open up for EarthCry’s CD release party at Asheville Music Hall on Friday, April 5th.

“I would encourage people to want to perform on the fourth day. It gives everyone a chance to perform in front of a crowd, get some photos taken, and hopefully get some social content for their career. This is an all-inclusive, one-stop shop to get your music career started. Music can be anything. If people knew what was possible with the tools that we have and the freedom of being able to record yourself at any time, the possibilities are endless. There’s just so much more that we can do. Technology doesn’t have to be so rigid, it can be fluid like the mind is and that’s what we’re trying to foster with this event,” Thogmartin said.

You can find more information on the Seed to Stage Academy and secure your spot for the event here.

Seed to Stage Academy

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